Hi, I’m Sharon
My services can help take your business to new heights.

Social Media Management

I have created a seamless process to integrate with you and your team by providing full and transparent social media management support. I specialize in graphic design, copywriting, scheduling, managing your inbox messages, and personally going in to monitor your brand’s data. Additonally, I’ll be engaging daily across all your brand’s platforms to raise conversation and boost awareness.

Influencer Campaigns

Influencer campaigns have increasingly become more important over the years. They provide real-time results, increase brand awareness and grow your customer base. I strategize campaigns, research, outreach and manage the whole process from introductions to payment. Always up-to-date and have the industry knowledge and tools to capture analytics and ensure your influencer campaigns are a real success.

Branding + Identity

Does your brand need a complete refresh or a fully developed campaign? I love being able to dive deep and help businesses start from the ground up and enjoy developing brands based on their existing identity. I offer custom design packages to fit every client’s specific needs and focus on honing their brand voice across all platforms.

Social Media Strategy

Need help understanding how to reach your dream target audience? Having trouble brainstorming campaigns for you and your team to execute? That’s my jam. I’ll be right there to assist and help you with every part of the creative process.

Paid Social Media Services

Advertising on social media is critical to any business’s success. Today, influencers are the new celebrities. Partnering with influencers can do wonders for your brand by helping connect with your audience, create conversation and build a strong community. It’s also an awesome way to gain new photography assets and create an engaging online presence. With paid social media services, I will help you strategize and set up compelling campaigns, support advertising assets and monitor and refine progress to deliver work that really ‘wows.’

Creative Support

I offer creative support in whichever way fits your brand – and your timeline. Are you looking for an extra little something to fill out your brand kit? My creative support services offer icon design, advertisements, website audits and continued creative support throughout the whole process. I work with you as a creative consultant or as a full-service creative agency – whichever you please!

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